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Machine Made Lined Curtains

I will teach you all the skills necessary to construct lined curtains to a professional standard.  This style of curtain is completed on the machine and has a commercial heading tape attached. You will learn how to create the hem using a blind hem foot.  How to calculate your required fabric quantities when using both plain or patterned fabrics, including how to calculate pattern repeats.  You will also learn how to join widths of fabric and achieve perfect pattern matching.  You will make a sample curtain, which will include all of the techniques needed to make full size curtains.  You will receive comprehensive step by step instructions, including my easy to use table for calculating fabric quantities. 

​What will be covered

How to measure your windows

Calculating your fabric requirements, plain & patterned fabrics

Cutting out your curtains correctly

Joining lining fabrics

Joining patterned fabric with perfectly aligned seams

Constructing your curtains

Attaching heading tape

Hanging and dressing your curtains like the professionals

Workshop length - 3.5 hrs

Cost £110.00 

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